Game Help

Tower Statues

Ensure at least 2 power bars are passed to the village to turn on the center sphere in the tower. So Lazio left the group angry (bottom right statue), turning his back on the planet of light – facing completely away from the planet of light. His departure shocked Taunus (bottom left statue), so he looked on at Lazio – facing the angry statue. That means the two remaining statues (happy and sad) are the brothers. The one who found the planet of light, sad statue (top right statue) – facing the planet of light. Since one of the brothers kept an eye on the other, that means the happy statue (top left) must be facing his brother, the sad statue.

Color Dial Safe

Each dial has a color tick, which you can think of as an arrow pointing out from the center of the dial. Turn the dial so that the color tick is touching/pointing to an adjacent dial, then look at the number on the adjacent dial to see what that color is pointing to. So Red 10, would mean you would make the red tick points to the number 10 on the adjacent/touching dial.

Astronomer’s Door Lock

You’ll need the door key code and the equation from the observatory floor. Then set the variables in that equation so that they equal the key. For example, for the key 321, (30 x 10) + 21 = 321. There are multiple right answers and they all work.