Monthly Archives: May 2013

World 1 Power Line

In this update, I changed the power line from a physical power line to a beam. I did this to make make the power line a less distracting background item. I also updated the look of the power line to have the power permeate/glow through. I also included screenshots of the new pause menu buttons Here are the new screenshots … Continue Reading

Updated Gear Background

In this update, I added a background layer to the gears. From the last feedback I got, the level design was all around too busy. So adding a stone wall background to the gears helped frame the gear while removing the clutter. I also toned done the brightness of the vines. Here are the new screenshots of the updated world.

HD Graphics for World 1

I got some feedback from the last screenshots posted that the pixel size of the player and world was too different and should be matched. I was previously scaling the world sprites by 2x (nearest neighbor). This caused the world sprites to have 2x the pixel size than the player, since the player was not scaled. The discrepancy was made … Continue Reading